Frequently asked questions about ambienteŽ and solutions
What is ambienteŽ? [READ]
What do I use the application- and data-CD for? [READ]
What's a dongle and what can I use it for? [READ]
Are there more CD's available for ambienteŽ? [READ]
How do I install the software? [READ]
How do I start ambienteŽ? [READ]
What kind of hardware do I need to run the software? [READ]
What's better: a laptop or a desktop PC? [READ]
Is it possible to load articles and/or fabrics by different vendors ind the application and, if yes, how? [READ]
Where can I get the collections for ambienteŽ from? [READ]
Can I enter article-data myself? [READ]
How can I add images of my own articles? [READ]
Can I load my own photos into the software and decorate those? [READ]
Can I enter photos, not for editing but for just displaying designs and decorations? [READ]
Is there a manual? [READ]
Is there a way of testing the software beforehand? [READ]
Will ambienteŽ be further developed in the future? [READ]
What's the difference between upgrades and updates? [READ]
I get a sudden (error-)message. What does it mean? [READ]
Can I get tutoring for ambienteŽ? [READ]
Is it possible to combine ambienteŽ with other software systems? [READ]
Who can I contact in case of questions? [READ]
www.deco21.de ANOVA GmbH