Frequently asked questions about ambienteŽ and solutions

How can I add images of my own articles?

First you have to take correct pictures of your articles. To create these please take a close look at our ambienteŽ manual in chapter "Article data management". There you can find out what kinds of images you need and what sizes they should have.

Then you have to put the images in the right directories. To find the correct starting directory you can open ambienteŽ, go to functions -> info -> data (right hand side). Now a new explorer window opens that displays the folder "ambienteDATA" (if the data and program path are the same, the info dialog shows either "program" or "data"). In this folder you find the hierarchical root folders for the according material groups of your articles (Boden [= Floor], Sschutz [= sun shades], Stoff [= deco fabric] and Wand [= wall]). Inside these folders you find the special material groups for your articles. There is, for example, a subfolder named "Deko" (= decoration) in the folder "Stoffe" (= deco fabric), which stands for curtains, decorations, table cloth and so on.

In every of the needed material group folders you have to create a folder with your supplier's name (the short name that is also used in the ambienteŽ supplier management). The images are put in the supplier's folder now and should be connected with articles in the ambienteŽ software, just like it's described in the manual in section "New (adding article items)" in the chapter "Article data management"

For better understanding, here is a list of the German folder names (you must not change the names of the folders) and their translation into English:

Boden = floorings
- Belag = floorings from a role
- Borduere = floor borders
- Fliesen = flagging
- Kork = cork
- Laminat = laminate
- Leisten = bootstrap stretcher
- Parkette = parqute
- Rundteppich = round carpets
- Teppiche = carpet

Sschutz = sun shades
- Jalousie = blinds

Stoffe = fabric
- Bettbezug = bedcover
- Bezug = upholstery fabric
- Deko = deco fabric (with and without transparency), curtain, tablecloth etc.

Wand = wall fabrics
- Borduere = borders
- Tapeten = wallpapers

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