Product Information - Functionality

ambienteŽ is a modular software-suite and can be applied using different modules.

The ambienteŽ STARTpackage provides the minimum configuration and consists of:
  • Customer, order, supplier and article management
  • Calculation and order management
  • Sample decorations
  • Image design

The system may be individually extended through modules like "3D Window Decoration", "Curtain Cutting", "3D Wall" or "3D Floor".

Of course, all modules are built to integrate seamlessly into the software.

Articles from a variety of vendors and suppliers can be imported into the software, including images and technical data.

Sewing catalogues and pricelists from various manufactures can be integrated into ambienteŽ.

An open import/export interface allows for the exchange of customer, supplier, order or article data with other software systems, e.g. company-owned data management.

Furthermore, interfaces to other external applications from different fields exist, e.g. sun-shades or accessories. ANOVA GmbH