Product Information - Software Support

Software-Support Contract for ambienteŽ
The software maintenance contract for ambienteŽ provides professional support for you. Also you will receive new program versions via mail and you get the possibility to use the range of services at our internet portal

For a constant annual fee you will get the following services without any additional costs:

  • use the service & support-hotline via phone, fax (public phone-number, no hidden fees) or e-mail, weekdays (Mon.-Fri.) from 8a.m. to 4p.m.
  • receive or download updates and patches
  • access digital material collections
  • use our information-service covering the software and extended services
  • benefit from continous development and receive new program versions

as well as use our extended online-services on

  • free-of-charge entry of your business into our directory
  • online help
  • online manual
  • online FAQ - frequently asked questions ANOVA GmbH