Product Information - Prices & Order

Product name Price
Service fee monthly
ambienteŽ Demo-CD 0.00 - [CONTACT]

ambienteŽ trial version 98.00 - [ORDER]
ambienteŽ v9.0 STARTpackage 450.00 8.00 [ORDER]
ambienteŽ v9.0 PREMIUMpackage 1350.00 18.00 [ORDER]
ambienteŽ v9.0 COMPLETEpackage 2450.00 25.00 [ORDER]

Terms of License
ambienteŽ Terms of License [DOWNLOAD]

Customers with a valid service contract will receive upgrades free-of-charge.
ambienteŽ v8.5 to v9.0 20% of the licensed price
ambienteŽ v8.0 to v9.0 30% of the licensed price
ambienteŽ earlier version to v9.0 40% of the licensed price

Price for multiple- or networked-licenses
2nd - 5th workplace 40% off license-price and service-fee
6th workplace or more 50% off license-price and service-fee

All prices w/o postage and packing and VAT. If providing a valid USt-IdNr. the order is shipped inside the EU without VAT. We deliver assuming you agree to the terms of license (AGB) of the ANOVA GmbH and the license- and support-contract of the ambienteŽ software for interior design. ANOVA GmbH