Step-by-step instructions / examples
The following step-by-step instructions will guide you through the ambienteŽ photo service.

1. Step: take picture / create drawing
Take a picture of the place or furniture that you want to redesign. You can also draw a decoration draft and have it preprocessed via the ambienteŽ photo service.
We can prepare walls, floor, furniture and window decorations for a subsequent redesign.

  • If you use a digital camera, try to bring the desired object into focus with a medium zoom level (small zoom levels tend to increase the so-called fisheye effect, the maximum zoom level can lead to fuzziness).
  • Make sure that the room lighting is appropriate (if needed, use flash), so that your picture will represent the brightness and the colours correctly.
  • Use the image format JPEG with a small compression rate (high quality - HQ or SHQ). You should find a balance between good image quality and small file sizes.
  • The image size should not be picked larger than 1500 x 1500 pixels (larger images will be scaled down during image processing anyway)
  • Room parts or furniture that are not necessarily relevant can be left out of the picture or can be cut out after the picture has been taken. Examples: a wall of which only a small part can be seen, decorative cushions or furniture that are not completely in the picture, etc... If you keep that in mind you can control the processing costs. However, the personal furnishing character and the recognition value for the customer's place should be maintained.

2. Step: start ambienteŽ photo service in the internet and login as user
In order to benefit from our online ambienteŽ photo service you have to register as a user. Afterwards you can visit all secured pages to order and receive your image data.
Hence it is ensured that only you will have access to your order data. Also all order-, personal- and bank data will be communicated via secured data connections.

3. Step: order process
After you have clicked on "order", you will be guided through the order process step by step:

  • First you are asked to upload you image data:

  • Now a classification for ambienteŽ categories is needed:

    Now click on [NEXT] (on the right bottom).

  • In "project volume" you define the objects that should be prepared by ambienteŽ photo service. These objects can be redesigned in ambienteŽ later. You can compare your indications with the displayed image. The current price is be displayed accordingly. In the textfield "comment / tips" you can tell us special instructions for us to follow.

    Click on [NEXT].

  • Enter the billing address.

    Click on [NEXT].

  • The order summary offers you a complete overview over your ambienteŽ photo service order. You can return to the order form to correct it.

    When the order is correct, you can place the order by clicking

  • Before you can complete your order you are asked to accept the ambienteŽ photo service terms and conditions.

  • Now the order is sent. You will receive a short confirmation at the screen.

4. Step: receive prepared image data
With "retrieve" you can get your current ambienteŽ photo service orders. You will be asked to enter your login name and password and get to the order overview. For every order an order status is displayed. You will be informed via email when your image data is ready to be retrieved and imported to ambienteŽ.
You can copy the prepared data to your hard drive by clicking [DOWNLOAD]. You will be asked to select the target folder on your computer.

5. Step: import prepared image data to branch software ambienteŽ
Open ambienteŽ and select "design/image design" on the start page. There you will find the menu item "import basic images". Click on it and a file selection dialog will appear - select the prepared images (ambienteŽ format). ambienteŽ imports the data automatically and you will be able to find your image in the category that you have chosen during the ordering process of the ambienteŽ photo service. ANOVA GmbH