ambienteŽ Photoservice - Info
Which fabric, wallpaper or flooring works best in combination with the customer's interior?

Have your customers experience interior designs before manufacture using the ambienteŽ Photoservice. All you need is a photograph of the room, the window or the upholstered furniture to be changed.
Quickly apply new fabrics and textiles to the photograph using the image design inside the ambienteŽ software (curtains, floorings, walls, upholstery).
Inspire and convince your customers even better with a high degree of identification and emotional ties during the consultation.

The ambienteŽ Photoservice prepares your photographs or drawings for use in the ambienteŽ image design for individual design.

In order to use this service you need to be a registered user on this website. Registration is free-of-charge. You can [REGISTER HERE].
If you already are a registered user, click on [ORDER] in the left menu, login and follow the steps to fill out the order.
After your order has been received and processed the prepared images can be accessed under [DOWNLOAD] in the left menu.

If you wish to learn more about using the ambienteŽ Photoservice read our
step-by-step [GUIDE]. ANOVA GmbH