Preparation of photographs or drawings for use in our ambiente® products

We prepare your digital photographs or drawings in such a way that they can be loaded into the trade software ambiente®. Following the principle of the ambiente® image design, they can be decorated individually with online articles of all available manufacturers.





Prices for the ambiente® Photoservice

Use our ambiente® Photoservice from only 9,95 EUR/net!

The price for the ambiente® Photoservice depends on the number and type of items, you wish to have prepared for use in ambiente®. Here's a short overview of the individual prices:

Walls/Ceilings, each

14,95 EUR

Floor, incl. plinth

24,95 EUR

Curtains/Decorations/Sunshades, per item

29,95 EUR

Chairs/Stools/Benches, per item

19,95 EUR

Bedsheets/Sofas/Armchairs, per item

39,95 EUR

Accessories (cushions, table-cloths, etc.), per item

9,95 EUR

Creation of a background image

90,00 EUR

All mentioned price exclude VAT.

We reserve the right to charge a markup for removing existing designs and colors.